Process Graph by GVPR

Graph Galaxy 13.0 now supports integrating GVPR program into graph. You can write GVPR program and preview the output in visual editor. The screenshot below demonstrates how it works and looks like.

The GVPR panel locates under the graph canvas. You can write the program in the left code editor and preview the output on the right.

GVPR is a hidden gem for Graphviz. AFAIK many people have been using Graphviz for many years but didn't know it. I am not seeing it's being highlighted in Graphviz's document. I guess it's because Graphviz is typically used as a renderer for DOT language and people can always preprocess the DOT to get things done.

Why I implemented the GVPR feature in Graph Galaxy? Because I see the potentials that it could be a powerful tool. It may help you automate some work by post-processing the graph. As an example, the above screenshot demonstrates a program to find all leaf nodes in graph and highlight them.

Hope that more and more people will find the interesting uses of the GVPR.